Программа traincontroler - книга для компьютера для чайников

Further information for the program operation and to the automatic turntable control can be red at the TrainController™ manual and the program- help option. TrainController™ Silver Version 8.0 Installation program TrainController™ Version 7 and Version 8 TrainController™ Bronze Version 8.0 Users Guide. One of the key tasks of TrainController™ is the operation of trains. The use of exact itineraries must only be entered into the program if really desired. TrainController™ Gold Version 7.0 Installation program. Version 7.0 F8. 11-01- 2012 TrainController™ Bronze Version 7.0 Users Guide. 03.2011. 03-18-2011.

TrainController™ Bronze is ideal for users who are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use program that reliably covers all standard tasks of model railroad. TrainController™ Gold is the ultimate control program for model railroads. Maximum functionality is combined here with simple operation, maximum. Products. TrainController™ · TrainProgrammer™ · Handheld Control + SmartHand™ · Auto Control +Street™ · Sound +4DSound™ · Network +Net.

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