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Mar 5, 2016 Comedian Louis C.K. urged people to stop supporting Donald Trump on Saturday, including a lengthy and impassioned plea in an email. Mar 5, 2016 Louis C.K. doesn't joke around when it comes to politics. In an email to his for Donald Trump. He added the PS to the bottom o USA TODAY. Mar 5, 2016 Louis C.K. is the latest public figure to criticize Donald Trump, calling him an " insane bigot" and comparing him to Adolf Hitler. Mar 5, 2016 In his weekly email promoting his show #HoraceandPete, Louis CK joins the # NeverTrump movement through a long P.S. pic.twitter.com.

Mar 6, 2016 The comedian Louis C.K. condemned the Republican presidential front-runner, Donald J. Trump, in an email to his fans on Saturday. “The guy.

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